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This Was Me and It Could Happen to You!

Posted by Choices in Senior Care on Jun 25, 2018, 9:29:23 AM
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Although  I  am  not  a  senior  yet,  I  took  a  tumble  that  interfered  with my  life  for  a  while.

 Fall  prevention  has  become  near and  dear  to  my  heart  and  I  would  l like  to  share  with you ways to avoid a nasty fall:

  • Clean up  clutter and  spills
  • Repair  or  remove  tripping  hazards 
  • Install  hand  rails or  grab  bars
  • Avoid  loose wearing  clothing
  • Light  it right
  • Wear  proper  fitting  shoes
  • Make  sure all your  rugs  are  non-slip and add non-slip decor to your  bathroom


Did  you know one third  of all  US  seniors fall each year?  Half of those falls  resulted  in that  senior  having to  be  hospitalized.   The CDC  states falls are the  number  one reason for injury for seniors.


If you  follow  these  simple  fall prevention  measures  you  will  hopefully  reduce  your  chance of  falling  whether  you are a senior or just unlucky like myself!



Mina Hancock, RN, BSN, CCM

Care Manager


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