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Top 10 Best TV Shows to Binge Watch When You Need to Pass the Time

Posted by Choices in Senior Care on Mar 7, 2018 9:11:39 AM

As many of you know, Netflix and chill is becoming more and more popular every day. Personally, my favorite pastime is to binge watch a 7 season/24 Ep. show in one sitting. Now this takes time, commitment, stretching, grocery shopping prior to my binge, and shower breaks (recommended).

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Questions to ask BEFORE Hiring a Caregiver

Posted by Brook Dickerson on Sep 4, 2015 11:44:26 AM

I want to start by saying I'm writing this not only as an Aging Life Care Professional™, but also as a daughter of someone that has in home care. Once help is needed in the home the situation is usually pretty stressful. Your loved one may be against the thought of "hired help", or even in denial of the fact that they need it. Hiring a caregiver for your loved one can be scary. The questions go on and on: Can you trust them? Do they have enough experience? Should I use a company or hire them privately?

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