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You're a Caregiver...Now What?

Posted by Jen W on Aug 10, 2017 2:25:32 PM

“So now I am a caregiver. This is a role I hadn’t expected in this season”. We hear this often from family members caring for loved ones living with dementia. They feel unprepared, alone and lack confidence for this new role. Old strategies and approaches no longer seem to work. Caregiving can take its toll on families making them more susceptible to health problems, feelings of isolation, and financial stress. To help address this need, Choices in Senior Care has been offering the Savvy Caregiver Training Workshop: a 6-week, 12-hour Workshop series geared toward the family dementia caregiver. This free Workshop helps family caregivers increase knowledge and improve skills. Often, we see a shift in “outlook” as participants experience some “ah-ha” moments while interacting in class with each other and through studying the Workshop materials. The strategies discussed during the Workshop are designed to reduce the effects of caregiving stress and to enable attendees to develop a sense of control or mastery: to become a Savvy Caregiver!

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Choices Steers You in the Right Direction...

Posted by Brook Dickerson on Jul 7, 2016 2:19:59 PM

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An Age of Aging Drivers- Guidance for an Important Conversation

Posted by Brook Dickerson on Oct 22, 2015 10:59:39 AM

According to a Senior Health series article by The National Institute of Health, it is suggested that driving patterns change as people age; and that older adults are keeping their driver’s license longer than they did previously.

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