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Older adults and reasons for falls

Posted by Sarah P on Aug 23, 2017 6:50:51 PM

You get an unexpected call from a family member and brace yourself for difficult news.  You are told, “Mom is OK, but fell at home and is in the ER.  I think she is going to need surgery and may have a long road to recovery.”  As you think about this call you wonder, why has Mom been falling more lately?

This is a scenario many families face.  When exploring reasons with your doctor for recent falls, consider asking about a home safety evaluation.  Several types of professionals provide home safety evaluations as part of their assessment process, including care managers.  If you have questions about the benefits of hiring an Aging Life Care™ Manager to help you and your loved one navigate the aging process, please contact us at Choices in Senior Care at 865-978-6168.  We will be happy to speak with you.

For more information about older adults and falls, please click on the link below:           “8 Things to Check After an Aging Person Falls,  You might be surprised to know what can cause such accidents”, by Leslie Kernisan, MD, posted on March 13, 2017 online at Next Avenue:

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