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9 Free Things to do in Knoxville for Caregivers and Seniors

Posted by Choices in Senior Care on Feb 5, 2018, 9:20:52 AM
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You want to go out and do something fun with your senior.  Maybe you have more time on your hands after reading our blog about Top Seven Time Saving Tips for Caregivers.  But finding the right activity for your senior can be difficult when it seems like everything is geared for a younger more active audience or it costs money.  Don’t be discouraged though because we have put together a list of Knoxville’s best attractions for caregivers and seniors.  The best part is they are all free! 

#1 Music and Memory Cafépexels-photo-228842.jpeg Launched on March 24th 2016, the Music and Memory Café is a one hour interactive and musical experience designed for seniors living with dementia. Café participants eat snacks, listen and sing a long to music, and tell stories about years past.  This café also offers caregivers the opportunity for socialization in a judgement-free environment with their loved one.  You can read more about Music and Memory Café here on our blog.  Music and Memory Café is 100% free and open to the public.  It is held the 4th Thursday of each month from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM at our Choices in Senior Care office unless otherwise noted. RSVPs are appreciated at 865-978-6168.

#2 Knoxville area paradesmarching-band-1404489_1920.jpg Knoxville and the surrounding areas conduct several parades throughout the year.  These parades are a free, fun, and perfect for people with mobility issues.  Just find a good spot and watch the procession.  Information about the city of Farragut’s annual July 4th parade can be found here.  Information about the City of Knoxville 2017 Veteran’s Day Parade can be found here.  The 2018 information will be posted when the parade’s date draws closer.  Previously we had written a blog about the dangers of dehydration in older adults.  If you attend these parades make sure that you heed the advice about hydration since you are likely to be exposed to the sun for a period of time.

#3 Knoxville Greenwayfarmland-1734216_1920.jpg Knoxville Greenway trails are a great way for you and your loved one to enjoy the outdoors in a safe non-crowded environment.  Information about the trails can be found here.  My personal favorite is the Jean Teague Greenway which features bench, pavilions, and several parking access points.  Trail walking is a great way to stay active and staying active is crucial part of aging successfully as you can read about here.

#4 Lawson Mcghee Librarybooks-1655783_1920.jpg Built in 1885 the Lawson Mcghee Library is the largest public library in Knox County.  Often overlooked by locals it is a treasure trove of books and information.  Reading is a great way to keep your brain sharp.  If you interested in other ways to increasing your brain health read this article.

#5 Sunspheretower-1916828_1920.jpgThe Sunsphere is the iconic building of Knoxville. Its signature green tower and golden ball top has been on almost every single Knoxville postcard since its creation in 1982.  Built for the World’s Fair Park, the Sunsphere offers a great vantage point of Knoxville.  The best part is its 100% free and handicap accessible.  If you are planning on visiting downtown Knoxville, the Sunsphere is a must see.

#6 Knoxville Museum of Artmona-lisa-leonardo-da-vinci-la-gioconda-oil-painting-40997.jpegIf art is your thing then look no further than the Knoxville Museum of Art.  The Knoxville Museum of Art is a free attraction for the public.  It features art by local artists as well as from artists around the globe.  It also hosts several events and specific celebrations so check its website, for information on what is going on before you visit.  Help your senior successfully age by visiting the Knoxville Museum of Art with them.

#7 Mcclungs Museum of Natural Historypexels-photo-460736.jpeg Here is another free Knoxville museum, this one focusing on natural history.  Mcclung Museum of Natural History could be compared to the museum seen in the popular movie “Night at the Museum”.  While not nearly as big as the one in New York City it has the advantage of being right here in Knoxville and free.  Located in the University of Tennessee campus the Mcclung Museum of Natural History is a must see for fans of archeology, history, and anthropology.  Visit their website, for more information about events. 

#8 World’s Fair Parkpexels-photo-724500.jpeg The World’s Fair Park is a venue located in the middle of Knoxville.  It is an excellent park but really shines when an event is being held on the grounds.  It is within walking distance of the Sunsphere and connects to the Knoxville Greenway trail systems.  The World’s Fair Park has several handicap accessible entrances and exits.  If you choose to attend an event held on the grounds be sure to check if the event will be senior friendly, any possible cost, and what kind of crowds to expect.  The website for World’s Fair Park can be found here.  If you care as passionately about your senior as we do then consider a visit to the World’s Fair Park.

#9 Knoxville Senior Centerspexels-photo-272864.jpeg The risks of senior isolation are very real and challenging.  We have previously written about its effects on seniors,  Knoxville Senior Centers offer a variety of activities and resources that can combat senior isolation.  Located throughout Knoxville, Knoxville Senior Centers can provide fun and social interaction for you and your senior.  Visit their website and read their newsletter/calendar to learn more about the events they are offering this month.

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