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Holding Space in the MySpace Era

Posted by Brook Dickerson on Sep 28, 2016 10:02:56 AM


If you haven't heard the term 'holding space', please see my previous post on that. This is kind of a follow up, a P.S. of sorts.

So holding space is good, but it's challenging to do it well on the Internet. I've been greatly affected by reading some posts from folks who were on the receiving end of well-intentioned condolences on social media before they had even had a chance to notify other relatives or make the immediate arrangements required. I can picture these folks, still in the shock of loss, being bombarded by texts, posts, RIP comments, "what's going on?? Call me!!" messages. So how about some suggested guidelines, for social media and just social period?

Let's agree to let grief have a chance to land.

Let's not immediately post anything that is not ours to post. (I suppose that could apply to good news as well as sad news, but I digress.)

Let's keep those involved in our thoughts, but off our pages.

You may want to revisit my blog post on Thoughts on Grief and Grieving, too.

Let's be thoughtful.

Let's be kind.


Maureen Willis, RN, BSN, CCM, PAC Consultant

Tags: aging, friendship, grief, social media, Support

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