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Consider Care Management for Someone You Love

Posted by Brook Dickerson on Mar 22, 2016 11:01:27 AM

A piece from one of our team mates:

As the only child of an aging parent who worked full time and had a family at home, it was very difficult to give my Mom the quality of care I felt she deserved. I struggled with feelings of guilt and inadequacy as I juggled demands from work, home, family and quality care for Mom. She used a walker, had little energy to prepare meals and was socially isolated except for church or outings with us. We started discussing a professional care management team to assist her. She wanted a care manager to advocate at doctor’s appointments in my absence, review her medications weekly to make sure she set them up correctly and a trained professional on call for emergencies. She also liked the idea of a care giver a couple days a week to prepare a meal, take her to run errands and drive to other activities with friends and church family.

A Care Management Team to assist us during this special time would have made a huge difference to myself, my family and my Mom. Sadly, my Mom passed away before we could engage Choices in Senior Care to assist us in this way. To this day I believe their caring and professional abilities would have made an incredible difference to my Mom’s quality of life; possibly even allowing her to be with us a little while longer.

Let me encourage you to seriously consider this option for your parent, grandparent or beloved family member; you will not be sorry you did!

by Brook Dickerson

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